Trail Rice

Rice is nice on trips but the downside to me has always been that the cooking time is pretty long, which means alot of fuel usage, and that you need two cups of water just to cook one cup of rice. I was in the grocery store one day and dawned on me that Uncle Bens Ready Rice pouches are a great option for the backcountry. Typically you heat the rice in the microwave for 90 seconds, but I learned from the pouch that you can heat it in a pot/pan as well. The rice is already cooked, so it just requires a couple of minutes of heating with two tablespoons of water. The other plus side to the pouches is that there quite a few flavor options (sixteen regular flavors, and several whole grain flavors). So for meals you can just eat the rice, or you can add a protein and/or vegetables, so there are alot of possibilities.

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