Backcountry Comfort Food - Macaroni and Cheese

I really like the comfort food quality that macaroni and cheese can provide on a tough trip. There are a few ways you can make mac and chesse in the backcountry and some tips that I have found useful Here is my Compilation of Mac n' Cheese Options for your upcoming trips...

Freeze Dried - You can find freeze dried options from all of these companies
Mountain House
Backpackers Pantry
Alpine Aire

Boxed Store Bought
Classic Kraft - By just using water this box has a liquidy consistency, adding powdered milk helps out here alot, and if you have powdered butter too that's even better.

Kraft Deluxe - No Butter or milk needed, but the ready cheese pouch brings this in as the heavy weight for packing purposes
Kraft Deluxe Bistro - These are just like Kraft Deluxe with the ready cheese pouch, but have several cool flavors like sundried tomato parmesan, and creamy mushroom
Pasta Roni - Try shells and white cheddar - it is one of my favorite tasting boxes (needs powdered milk and oil/butter for best results)

DIY Options
Prepare a store bought pasta of your liking then add enough powdered cheese to make the pasta cheesy enough for your tastes
Make your own cheese sauce in this Great Recipe from Backpacker - Alpine Mac & Cheese

When I want to Spice up plain Mac n' Cheese here's what I like to do:

Your favorite type of Mac
Chicken Pouch
Teaspoon Dried Onion Flakes
Pinch Garlic Powder

Pinch Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 cup of some type of Dehydrated Veggie - Peas, Carrots, sundried tomatoes....

Combine spices, Veggies and Pasta at home in a Ziplock bag. At Camp Prepare the mac n cheese with the spices and veggies. A few minutes before the mac is done add the chicken pouch to the pot. 

Other Recipes to check out
One Pan Wonders - GoBlue Fredo (scroll down on page)


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