Cooking Videos

Videos that I like about cooking outdoors (I will keep adding with time)
Spicy Pad Thai - This is a good recipe that I tried and liked very much from Backpacker Magazines Trail Chef.
Backcountry Tiramisu - Another good one from Backpackers Trail Chef, this is a really special treat for a trip.
Pizza - An Alternative to my version, this pizza is made in a pan, and the crust is made instead of bought.
Pizza Ramen - Ramen meets pizza in a freezer bag! Really cool recipe
Salmon Alfredo - Pasta, sundried tomatoes, and salmon in a creamy alfredo sauce.

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  1. Pretty good videos! I'm trying the Pizza Ramen at home tonight for sure. Freezer Bag Cooking always has helpful videos. I don't know if I could handle Spicy Pad Thai on the trail though... Haha