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Spearfishing in Mexico (II) from Guyzo on Vimeo.
First of all I'd like to wish everyone that reads this blog a Happy New Year, and hope you all had a great holiday season. I have been so busy with the holidays, working, and family and friends, that I have neglected writing for a while. I also did my annual winter backpacking trip in Great Smoky Mountain National Park (Pictures and stories to come) during the final part of my break from school.  It was probably one of the coldest trips I have ever been on, and I definitely saw quite a bit of snow. In my efforts to defrost today I have been browsing some "warm weather" videos online and came across some cool stuff that I thought I'd share.

Spearfishing has become a major interest of mine in the past year or so, its not exactly backcountry cooking but I feel that it has the same characteristics that I enjoy about backcountry cooking, so I thought it was worth the mention. With Spearfishing you get to be out there on the water, doing something that is really fun, and if your lucky, you get fresh fish to chow down on, in a boat or on beach somewhere picturesque, just like if you were somewhere cool in the woods or mountains cooking something good up. I think what it comes down to is that the root of this blog is not only just the recipes, but that enjoying nature, good food with friends and family, and just relaxing and getting away from the grind from time to time is what this blog is trying to share.

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