Smoky Mountains Backpacking Trip

This was a really cold trip and it snowed pretty much the whole time we were out, but we all had a great time checking out the winter scenery. My menu turned out great, and gave me plenty of calories for the cold temperatures (see bottom), and filled me up nicely. Unfortunately we all neglected to bring a nice camera, but we found a disposable camera in Bryson City at a general store to bring along, I think the camera had been sitting in the store for a long time so that's why the photos have the "vintage" appearance...

My Friend Alex Daley Making his way through the snow

Taking a break on the last day out

Trucking through the snow- My Friend Matt Lottes is on the Right and that's me on the left

Mt. Collins Shelter where we stayed at Night One

Heading down the trail - Matt Lottes in the Back, and me in the front.

My Menu On the Trip
Oatmeal w/ brown sugar, cinnamon, almonds, raisins, butter, and maple syrup
Bagels with Peanut Butter and Jelly, or cheese
Cheese Macaroni with Turkey
Parmesan Alfredo Linguine
Loaded Cheese Grits 
Chocolate Pieces
My Special Blend Trail Mix
Hot Chocolate

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