Master The Wrap

I think wraps are one of the best, most versatile foods for the backcountry - you can use a lot of different things to create awesome combinations. Tortillas last long and pack pretty well in your pack, just make sure they aren't somewhere where they can get torn up by your gear. Pitas also are a good alternative for wraps. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pretty classic and straight forward. Try to use any little packets of jelly you might have, also honey is a good substitute. Peanut butter packets like this are great, or if you can find "skippy squeeze" it is a great peanut butter for the backcountry
Grab some chicken in pouches in the tuna section at the grocery store, they don't require draining and are pretty convenient to use.
Tuna pouches are your best bet because they save weight and are clean and easy to use. Also if you want to mix your tuna with stuff before you make your wrap you can mix in the pouch.
Hard Pepperoni and Salami last long and can be bought in various sizes that can suit your trip length. Already cooked bacon are good in wraps as well. Sausages are also a great choice for wraps as well.
Beans go good in wraps and have a lot of good protein, just get instant or already cooked beans. Also dehydrated beans make for faster cooking time. Hummus made from chickpeas is a tasty protein packed dip to serve on your tortillas or pitas as well.
Rice adds a filling touch to a lot of wraps, I especially like it for dinner because it's usually a meal where you really want to fill up substantially. Recently,  I picked up the 90 second Uncle Ben's Rice pouches that were meant for the microwave, then added a little bit of water and steam it in a pot till it was ready in two or three minutes.
Toppings/ Condiments
Check out the condiment article for other condiment ideas for your wraps. Canned olives, pickles, peppers are also some good toppings for wraps. Open and drain them at home and put them in ziplocks before heading out. Cheeses go well in almost all wraps so try some different cheeses out, just be carefull with temperatures and cheeses, and know that soft cheeses will spoil a lot faster than hard cheeses. Salsas in little pouches are great for wraps too (Chick-fil-a has them for their breakfast burritos) and can usually be subbed in place of fresh tomatoes. Don't forget seasonings too, they can improve the flavor of any wrap.
Caesar Chicken Wrap (makes two)
1 Chicken pouch
1 packet of caesar dressing
2 mozzerella cheese sticks(shred them on top)
1/4 cup sweet red peppers (from a can, drained and stored in a ziplock prior to use)
Mix the chicken with the caesar then spread on tortilla or pita, top with peppers, and shredded cheese then wrap it up. (I usually will season this with some salt pepper and garlic powder)
Tuna Wrap (makes two)
1 Tuna Pouch
2 packets of mayonaise
2 packets of relish
1 packet lemon juice
2 Cheedar Cheese sticks shredded on top (Optional)
Mix everything except cheese together (I usually will season this with some salt pepper and garlic powder), spread on tortilla or pita, then top with the shredded cheese and wrap it up
Photo Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/acoustic_punk_sound/ / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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